Configuring Dotster DNS with Azure

11/23/2014 11:23:11 PM
Configuring Dotster DNS settings to work with Azure can be difficult mainly due to poor documentation provided by Microsoft. In reality it's pretty easy.

Recently I moved this website from another hosting service to Microsoft Azure. My site had been registered with Dotster years ago, so DNS configuration changes were needed to make the move possible. It took a lot longer than I planned on, mainly due to incomplete documentation found online. I had to read comments and piece together the solution. Setting up DNS can be frustrating because it isn't instant, it can take days to populate the records (or so they say). Here's what needs to happen. Here's a link to the poor documentation I'm referring to: Microsft Azure Dotster Instructions

Do you have an Azure web hosting plan capable of hosting a custom site?

You need to have at least a shared plan to host a custom website. I tried this with a free account, and was not able to click on the “manage domains” buttons on the azure domain management screen in the last step.

The A Record

Get the IP address for your website from the Azure configuration screen. Then click on “manage domains” in the domain section of the page. I hid my IP address so you remember to use your own.

Create the A Record in Dotster.

Create the Cname record in Dotster

You should now be good to go. For troubleshooting, check out MX Toolbox